Vanity plates for the information age

My Name is Erik Solomonson.  I am a middle-aged white man so that means I could, if I wanted to, shoplift things and someone younger will be blamed.

When I was fifteen I went to the movie Romancing The Stone with a friend of mine.  We then went to the local “Head Shop” where people pretended to buy bongs for using  tobacco so we could look at lapel pins that had skulls on them because we thought this would make us seem intimidating.  A fire alarm went off and we walked outside to see if there was a fire.  A fireman then grabbed us and threw us in the back of a police car and we got asked questions like “Did you want attention?  is that why you pulled the fire alarm.”

I am certain a middle aged white man walked away from that laughing.

I also dabble in cooking and history.  My favorite period is the so-called Dark Ages between about 476 AD and when Bede started yammering.  I have a great admiration for Pope Gregory I but I disagree with his opinions on hunchbacks and people with glaucoma.

My profession is computers, lately railway automation which I really enjoy.  In the past I did computer security work, independent investigations and asset location.  I still do all these things for money and for enjoyment.



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