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This article was published in The Denver Post:

Colorado Man Buys Odd Welcome Mat

In this article it claimed I went to the New York Times:

“”Instead of coming to me about it, he went to The Times,” Tendell said, adding that he didn’t claim the site earlier because of “personal issues” that consumed his time.”

Not entirely true. I contacted both and via “chat” and was contacted via phone before I contacted The New York Times. When I contacted Mathew Goldstein I just asked if he found a link between the two and then he went with that additional information. I had all the information I needed to make a post here and that was what I cared about. In fact I thought it was a possibility that someone had set up Tendell with a fake whois registration because it was akin to carrying carrying a sack with a dollar sign drawn on it; so obvious that there would be no way money could really be in there.

Anyway. I was contacted by Azorian Cyber Security and I told them I would be happy to talk with them once they got rid of their “hacker for hire” freelance business model as I have no wish to associate myself with anything that even has the taint of cyber-crime. I would also add that submitting past jobs, successful and failed for an independent audit might help in explaining their side of this issue.

I hope to cause some confusion but not very much.

I admit that my clever Latin saying  “Mutum cogitationes ex homo intelligens” to some might appear that I have participated in a “Pray Away The Gay” type seminar as they might only notice “ex homo” but it really means “dumb thoughts by an intelligent man”.

I do hope this causes confusion though because sometimes seeing confused people is enjoyable, though I mostly hope to prevent it.


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