I was deceived: Celebjihad Part II


It’s looking like Mr. Demchenko faked the terroristic threat against him that I received in the mail.  I discovered this a few years ago but decided to write about it now.

One thing that did happen is I got some information on how this part of the world functions.  It is all nonsense.

I mean, it is planned.  There is no illegal material that Celebjihad processes.  The pictures are given by the Celebrities themselves or they are given by PR people hired by the Celebrities.  Then a story is generated.  Other media groups report on it ranging from borderline black bars over genitals with a link to the original down to a “talk” with the person on how they felt violated.

Even the lawyers doing the “Takedown” notice seem to be “in on it”.

Anyway, with my new policy of …I do not know what to call it.  It’s not revenge but there are basically people getting away with things who contact people like me who discover things and make it seem like life and limb are in danger and the only way to save lives is to let them keep their poorly kept secrets.

So newp. Not anymore.

Anyway, here is the part I edited out six years ago when I was deceived into thinking the owner of Celebjihad was in danger from extremist Muslims.


The first step was to check WHOIS. It was obsfuscated a bit but eventually after enough queries I found a cache that gave me this (thanks ancient Indian ISP nameservers!)

Administrative Contact:
D, John chrudat@gmail.com
3900 SW 27th ST
Gainesville, Florida 32608
United States

So, I thought “Chrudat..that looks interesting. I searched the address and found it to be a private student housing company for the University of Gainesville called “Lexington Crossing Apartments”. On a whim I checked chrudat.com (NSFW) and found a site that was a bit of a proto-Celeb Jihad. From the site:
“A Man’s Guide To Discussing Celebrities
As many of you don’t know I am now living in Hollywood AKA Hollyweird, Hollyhood, or The-Jews-control-everything-ville. I know when hear Hollywood you immediately think “top quality tranny hookers”, but Hollywood is also known for another breed that enjoy taking a hard one, they’re called “celebrities”.

People in Hollywood love talking about celebrities. But can a guy discuss celebrities and still call himself a man? Surprisingly the answer is yes� if they follow one simple rule.

Rule: Only female celebrities matter, and they only matter in relation to how your penis feels about them.”

So that looked promising. Still, whois showed it was very likely to be the same owner:

Administrative Contact:
D, John chrudat@gmail.com
Alachua County Insane Asylum
300 SW 34th ST
Gainesville, Florida 32608
United States
3522615241 Fax —
Same email, same “name” so it looks good. The whole “Chrudat” thing seemed to be a take on “True Dat” so I tried some “Chru” sites and eventually came up with chrugirls.com. Whois was very interesting for me after a number of specific queries to old servers:

Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: John Demchenko
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 300 SW 25th ST
Registrant City: Gainesville
Registrant State/Province: Florida
Registrant Postal Code: 32608
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Phone: +1.3522628199
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: chrugirls@gmail.com

John Demchenko

I got a name.  So then I decided to check Florida’s LLC registry and looked for John Demchenko  and came up with this.

PRaxis Internet Marketing LLC

Detail by Officer/Registered Agent Name
Florida Limited Liability Company
Filing Information
Document Number
FEI/EIN Number
Date Filed
Principal Address
Mailing Address
Registered Agent Name & Address
5877 NW 125TH TER
Authorized Person(s) Detail
Name & Address

Title MGR

5877 NW 125TH TER

Annual Reports
Report Year Filed Date
2015 01/11/2015
2016 01/23/2016
2017 01/10/2017

I then googled 5645 Coral Ridge Dr. #196 and came up with a UPS store and an old WHOIS for Celebjihad.com

5645 Coral Ridge Dr #196
Coral Springs, Florida 33076
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 18-Mar-08
Expires on: 18-Mar-11
Last Updated on: 02-Jan-09

Administrative Contact:
Anderson, John celebjihad@gmail.com
5645 Coral Ridge Dr #196
Coral Springs, Florida 33076
United States
+1.9543241687 Fax —

So Celebjihad.com is owned by John Demchenko of Praxis Internet Marketing LLC of Coral Springs Florida.

Again, I do this kind of work professionally but not often enough. So if you have some research, need some assets traced, need to provide leverage to help get your or your client’s selfies out of public view I am available for the right price or for special pro-bono cases as well.


John Demchenko, May 13th 1982, 8316 NW 8TH WAY, Boca Raton FL. is the address I found from 2016.

Want to hire me? Well, you cannot anymore.

I have a new position and because of this I am no longer able to take freelance work. So any posts where I implied or said I was available for services are no longer valid. I am quite happy to be posting this as well.

Just remember that do your research when hiring a security professional. Meet them in person and do not be afraid to ask for references. There are many good people out there and with some diligence and research you will find them if you need them.

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This article was published in The Denver Post:

Colorado Man Buys Odd Welcome Mat

In this article it claimed I went to the New York Times:

“”Instead of coming to me about it, he went to The Times,” Tendell said, adding that he didn’t claim the site earlier because of “personal issues” that consumed his time.”

Not entirely true. I contacted both hackerslist.com and neighborhoodhacker.com via “chat” and neighborhoodhacker.com was contacted via phone before I contacted The New York Times. When I contacted Mathew Goldstein I just asked if he found a link between the two and then he went with that additional information. I had all the information I needed to make a post here and that was what I cared about. In fact I thought it was a possibility that someone had set up Tendell with a fake whois registration because it was akin to carrying carrying a sack with a dollar sign drawn on it; so obvious that there would be no way money could really be in there.

Anyway. I was contacted by Azorian Cyber Security and I told them I would be happy to talk with them once they got rid of their “hacker for hire” freelance business model as I have no wish to associate myself with anything that even has the taint of cyber-crime. I would also add that submitting past jobs, successful and failed for an independent audit might help in explaining their side of this issue.

I hope to cause some confusion but not very much.

I admit that my clever Latin saying  “Mutum cogitationes ex homo intelligens” to some might appear that I have participated in a “Pray Away The Gay” type seminar as they might only notice “ex homo” but it really means “dumb thoughts by an intelligent man”.

I do hope this causes confusion though because sometimes seeing confused people is enjoyable, though I mostly hope to prevent it.


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