About my campaign contributions in 2008

If you google my name “Erik Solomonson” you will eventually see a link that says I donated $1000.00 to the Republican Party.

This is true.  I did this.

But what I also did was donate $1000.00 to the Democratic Party.

But this does not show up for some reason.

I was and still am opposed to any war the United States has that is not self defense and in 2008 I thought the only two people who shared my beliefs in that were Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich so I gave them money.

My logic then was that no matter what the policies of the candidates  any mistakes could be corrected but one can never correct the mistake of death, especially sending people overseas to die for what turned out to be a massive lie.

So I gave $2000.00 for peace and now I am on every wack job mailing list known to human kind.  So my advice is never, ever donate money to campaigns.